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Earning points is easy! Present your Artesian Loyalty membership card at the point of ordering at any Artesian venue. The team member will scan your card and the points will be added to your account. Please note they can take an up to an hour to appear.

Unfortunately, points can only be earnt in venue and not via any third party app.

$1 = 1 point.


That means you’ll receive 1 point for every dollar you spend on eligible purchases.

The points are part of a five-tier loyalty program, each tier offering additional benefits and rewards. All points accumulate over a standard quarter calendar. For every $1 you spend, you receive 1 point. You must scan your membership card when making a purchase to earn points.

See tiers:

Silver tier = 0 to 999 points

Gold tier = 1,000 to 19,999 points

Platinum tier = 20,000 to 39,999 points

Diamond tier = 40,000 to 59,999 points

Black tier = Invitation only

After each quarter your accumulated points will roll back to 0, however you will only roll back one tier at a time. For example, if you were a Diamond tier and only earned 15,000 points over the quarter, you will drop to Platinum tier.

The standard calendar quarters that make up the year are as follows: January, February, and March (Q1) April, May, and June (Q2) July, August, and September (Q3) October, November and December (Q4). This is a rolling calendar year, ie. Q4 2022 rolls over into Q1 of 2023.

As soon as you’ve earned the required number of points you move to the next tier regardless of where the quarter is at. You will then stay in that tier for the remainder of the current and following quarter.
Voucher benefits will automatically upload to the wallet in your app to use in venue. Simply scan the voucher when purchasing to redeem. For all other benefit redemptions please call (07) 5619 8187. Please note, vouchers may take up to 12 hours to be added into your app.
Yes, benefits are renewed after the quarter ends, as long as you have earned the required amount of points. For example, if you stay in the Gold tier, after the 3-month period has rolled over you will receive another $500 bottle service booth.

It can take up to 12 hours for the vouchers to appear in the wallet of your app.

Unfortunately, your points will be forfeited if you do not scan your membership card at time of purchase.

Nothing lasts forever, but you’ll have plenty of time to use your rewards! Your points will expire on the first day of the month, after the quarter (3-months) from when points were first earned. For example, if you earn points on January 8th 2022, those points will expire on March 31st 2022. This gives you plenty of time to accumulate points and take advantage of the benefits.

Your Artesian Loyalty points are yours alone! Unfortunately, you can’t share or transfer them.

Of course! We’re always happy to help. It can take up to an hour for your points to appear on the app. If you still don’t have the points after an hour, follow these steps to contact us in the app:

  1. Scroll down to “Contact Us”
  2. Fill in your details
  3. Enter your order details, date, time and amount and if there’s any reason you think you might be missing your points (eg. Forgot to scan membership card)
You can earn points on all food and beverage items, excluding certain special events. If you are unsure ask a team member, alternatively you will be advised at time of purchase.

You can access Artesian Loyalty terms and conditions by visiting our Terms and Conditions page.

If you delete your Artesian Loyalty account, your account will permanently be deleted, including any points or rewards you have accrued.

On the day off your function, you will need to scan your membership card at the venue and the points will be added.

To book your complimentary booth call your preferred host or (07) 5619 8187 to book, subject to availability. On the day of the booking, you will need to scan your voucher on arrival to receive the bottle service. Unfortunately, this is not available on Saturdays or special events.

The Black tier is the ultimate Artesian membership that is highly exclusive and offered by invitation only

Unfortunately, not at this stage. This is something we are working on and hope to have available in 2023.

Sharing is caring! There is no limit on how many friends you can refer.

You’ll receive your voucher when your friend makes their first purchase and scans their digital member card.

We love to help! Simply scroll down to “Contact Us” and complete the form with as much detail as possible, so that we can resolve this for you!

Unfortunately, the Cali Locals Pass cannot be used to gain free entry during ticketed or special events.

The Cali Locals Pass is only valid for the pass holder. However, if your friends also live on the Gold Coast, they can download the app to get instant access to their own passes!

Please make sure you are able to prove your local status when entering the venue. Management reserves the right to refuse free entry.

The Artesian Loyalty app requests permission to use your location to allow us to send you extra rewards, vouchers and special offers based on your location.

The operating system on your device alerts the Artesian Loyalty app when you visit a certain location, which prompts the app to send you notifications for rewards and vouchers, which you can use at our nearby venues.

No, we are not tracking you. Artesian Hospitality takes your privacy very seriously, and our app adheres to strict guidelines designed to protect your data. To find out more about how we manage your data, view our Privacy Policy here or contact us using the form at the bottom of this page.

To make the most of our Loyalty App vouchers and rewards, you will need to set your location permissions to “Always” on iPhone or “All the time” on Android, so that the location-sharing feature will work properly in the background. By doing this, you’ll receive as many vouchers and rewards as possible!

To change your location permissions on iPhone, go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services. To change your location permissions on Android, find the app icon on the home screen > touch and hold the app icon > press App info > Permissions > Location. Please note that if you choose to opt-out of location sharing, you will miss out on extra rewards and benefits!

Please feel free to contact us using the form at the bottom of this page. Alternatively, you can view our Privacy Policy here or our Terms & Conditions here.

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