Springtime x Artesian Terms & Conditions

  1. These Terms and Conditions apply to the Competition in Item 1 of the Schedule.  
  2. The Competition is conducted by the person or legal entity defined in Item 2 of the Schedule.  
  3. The Competition commences on the Start Date and ends on the End Date as set out in Item 3 of the Schedule.  
  4. Entry is open to Eligible Entrants only and by entering the Competition the entrant certifies that he or she is an Eligible Entrant per Item 4 of the Schedule. 
  5. Entry into the Competition indicates acceptance of these terms and conditions and that the entrant warrants they meet the Eligible Entrant criteria.  
  6. An Eligible Entrant may only enter the Competition by complying with the Entry Procedure given in Item 5 of the Schedule. 
  7. Entrants who do not meet the eligibility criteria or engage in unlawful or improper conduct, or do not comply with these terms and conditions will be excluded and disqualified from the Competition.  
  8. The Competition is to win the Prize set out in Item 6 of the Schedule.  
  9. Each entrant has a fair and equal chance of winning the prize and the winner will be determined via the Drawing Procedure set out in Item 7 of the Schedule.  
  10. Entrants may enter the Competition multiple times unless expressly excluded from doing so in the Entry Procedure.  
  11. The Drawn winner/s will be announced per Item 8 of the Schedule.  
  12. Drawn winners must claim the prize per the Claiming Procedure in Item 9 and will no longer be deemed eligible for the prize if the prize is not claimed in accordance with the Claiming Procedure. A re-draw may be undertaken and the Drawing Procedure undertaken multiple times until an eligible winner claims the Prize in accordance with the Claiming Procedure. 
  13. In the event that for any reason the Prize is unavailable, an appropriate substitute Prize of equal or greater value will be given. 
  14. Should the Competition be disrupted, delayed or is unable to be conducted due to any reason beyond the reasonable control of the person or entity conducting the Competition, then in its sole discretion to the fullest extent permitted by law it may modify, cancel or postpone the Competition as required.  
  15. Any dispute arising in relation to the Competition will in first instance be resolved by discussion between the parties.  
  16. Personal information will be handled in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles and the Privacy Policy of the Person or Entity conducting the Competition. Entrants consent to the use of their name and social media profile handle being used and disclosed for the purposes of announcing the winner and promotions and other marketing directly related to the Competition.  
  17. The applicable jurisdiction of this Competition is Queensland and the laws of Queensland shall apply.


Item 1
The Competition
Springtime x Artesian Giveaways
Item 2
Person/Entity Conducting the Competition 
Artesian Hospitality
Item 3
Start and End Date 
Start Date: 2 September 2022 at 3pm
End Date: 4 September 2022 at 10pm
Item 4
Eligible Entrant
  • Entrant is aged over 18
  • Entrant is not a current employee of the person or entity conducting the competition.
  • Entrant has complied with the Entry Procedure.
  • Entrant has made the prerequisite purchase and received a token.
  • Entrant accepts and complies with these terms and conditions.
  • Entrant is a resident or currently accommodated within Australia.
  • Entrant is available to claim the prize per the Claiming Procedure.
Item 5
Entry Procedure
Scan the QR codes located in The Cali Beach Bar and Springtime Pavilion bars that are located at the Springtime festival.
Item 6
The Prize

Prizes include:

  • VIP Bottle Service Booths
  • Free entry to SinCity, Havana and Bedroom
  • Free entry and a drink on arrival to SinCity, Havana and Bedroom
  • $100 Venue vouchers to SinCity, Havana and Bedroom
  • 3 club passes to SinCity, Havana and Bedroom


Item 7
Drawing Procedure 
The competition is lottery-based. Every scan wins from a random pool of prizes.
Item 8
Announcement of Winner
Winners will be emailed their voucher within an hour of entering their details.
Item 9
Claiming Procedure
To claim the prizes, please present the voucher to the relevant venue reception that your voucher is redeemable for. Only one voucher is able to be redeemed in a 24 hour period.

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